Our Team


Rick Baldocchi

Rick is the Founder and President of Agua Viva. Rick has served through missions for many years,  including one fateful mission trip to Los Chiles where the problem of water was brought to his attention.  He has worked tirelessly to make Agua Viva Serves a reality and change the lives of those involved.  He continues to serve as Chairman of the Board.  He is also a successful engineer in the Orlando area and is an active member or First United Methodist Church of Winter Park.

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Jon Tschanz

Jon Tschanz is the Executive Assistant for Agua Viva Serves. He handles fundraising and organizational development stateside while he connects more churches, colleges and organizations to Agua Viva Serves. Jon was also ordained as a Pastor at Emmaus Way, a church community in Durham, NC and is the Pastor for Young Adults at First United Methodist Church. He’s also a graduate of Duke Divinity School and has his Phd as a Doctorate of Ministry from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University.



Joel Conger

Joel is Agua Viva's Director of International Operations. In 2010 he visited Los Chiles for the first time and helped drill Agua Viva’s first two successful wells. Joel rejoined AVS in 2016 and has been living in country ever since. He works closely with the staff to make sure the mission is continually moving forward and all projects, mission trips, and local partnerships are executed properly.


Francisco Bazan

Fran is Agua Viva's Construction Manager. Fran has been with Agua Viva since 2013. He started out doing odd jobs for Agua Viva and ended up being one of our best employees. 


Vincente Rios

Vicente is Agua Viva's Senior Project Manager. Vicente has been in charge of planning and managing projects in Los Chiles, Costa Rica since early 2016. He has been with Agua Viva since 2013, and has helped us grow to reach more communities and lives. 



Lineth is Agua Viva's local face in our Los Chiles Office. She is Office Manager and water project account manager. Lineth started working with Agua Viva in 2015 and is local voice and organizer for Agua Viva. 


Omar Porras 

Omar Porras is Agua Viva's expert Driller. He has worked with Agua Viva since 2013. He has lent his expertise in drilling and is an invaluable staff member. 


BayRon Aguilar

Bayron is one of the newest employees of Agua Viva. In 2017 he started working with the volunteers and the following year he began working on a fulltime basis with the staff. He is vital to organizing mission trips and a tireless worker